Recreation & Luxury



Recreation & Luxury

Geoboom Jellyfish Nets


The Geoboom Jellyfish net is the one of a kind to provide you with a 2 in 1 option: demarcation line with Goliath 950 floats as well as a protection against jellyfish. Made of continuous floatation with UV protection and a braided net up to 9mm thickness.

Geoboom Shark Nets


The Geoboom sharknet is the heaviest globally and provides a complete protection against sharks and dangerous marine creatures. The GOLIATH 950 float is made of a rigid polyethylene float that are molded at high temperature, which make them solid to withstand tough conditions.

The HARPIA shark net is provided with 15mm thickness and a border of 20mm thickness. The maintenance of the system is simple, and the net can be detached and replaced.

Geoboom Swimming and water sport Barriers


Geoseas swimming and water sports barrier, GOLIATH 950, is a durable, safe, and user-friendly system that is used to demarcate swimming areas and water sport activities. This provides a safe swimming area for swimmers, surfers, jet-skiers and more


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